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This week’s talk is based on the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.


Many of you, if not most of you, are probably familiar with this work. I’ve been called to present this information on Sunday because we need spiritual grounding. We need some fundamental principles to help us operate in the chaos of today’s world events. We need some behavioral anchoring to help us keep our centers and to continue to be part of the solution and not get drawn into the drama. The drama is very seductive and we are getting easily triggered by it. As we learn to back away from the drama and provide grounded, loving energy to our world we will begin to see some changes around us. The outer world is nothing more than a projection of our inner world.


So the focus of Sunday’s talk will be to remind us of this very simple and practical guide to personal freedom. It will be a reminder to do a self inventory, to eliminate those aspects of ourselves that are no longer serving our highest and best expression. It will be an invitation to replace old habits with healthier, new habits. It will be an invitation to help identify our triggers, and to let them go. As long as we have buttons, they will be pushed. True freedom comes from removing those buttons,

not fighting those that push them.  Are your ready to let go of the drama and be at peace? If the answer is yes, join us this Sunday. If the answer is no, join us this Sunday.  Namaste. 



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Dana Agnellini began performing and writing music for Unity Church services in 1993 in Savannah, Georgia. He has been a part of Unity of Fredericksburg since its inception. He loves Unity and has been blessed to have deepened his understanding of Unity principles, honed his musical skills and developed his skills as a Unity speaker here at the church that he calls home. Still a member of Unity of Fredericksburg, Dana is busy traveling to speak and perform at New Thought churches throughout the Mid-Atlantic so he is not always here physically but he is always here in spirit. He is grateful for the opportunity to share his heart with his church family.


Event Date: 
Sunday, June 14, 2020 - 11:00am