Sunday Celebration Service

Sunday Service 11:00am 

This week's message will be shared by 
Reverend Pamela Mann
This Sunday we will participate in a ritual to energetically get the New Year started. You are invited to join us during the Sunday Celebration Service for the White Stone Ceremony whether you are viewing from the comfort of home or live during the service. This is an annual ritual celebrated at Unity of Fredericksburg and throughout Unity worldwide on the 1st Sunday of January. (Some Unity churches facilitate their White Stone Ceremony on different weeks, over the next couple of weeks)
 The purpose of the White Stone Ceremony is to connect with Creator to receive a new spiritual name, symbol or phrase for the entire year. Each participant will receive from God/Creator a spiritual name given during a guided meditation that can appear as a symbol, name, phrase, or word(s). The properties associated to the name received will be something that the receiver will work with throughout the year to discover the depths of its meaning(s) throughout the entire year.
 ***Homework to be prepared for the service.**** If you are a local member of our Spiritual Community in Fredericksburg, VA, you received either a white stone or a river rock in your Christmas gift bag. 
***For those of you who will be joining us from a different community or the video replay, please take time to go for a walk and find a stone that calls out to you and ask if it would like to be your stone for the year and for this ritual, trust me, it will offer you an answer! If you set your intention before going on your walk, one may magically appear in a way that you know this is the stone for you! Please locate or obtain a permanent sharpie marker or maybe a permanent paint pen and have it ready for the service.
Event Date: 
Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 11:00am