Membership at Unity of Fredericksburg

Unity of Fredericksburg formally receives new members to the congregation once or twice a year based on the number of those who are led by Spirit and have a desire to obtain formal membership. All are welcome to our Spiritual Family and Community at Unity of Fredericksburg. Formal membership is not a requirement to be an active congregant attending weekly services or any of the functions that occur and offer feedback to the Board of Trustees. Formal membership enables members of our Spiritual Community to vote in the Board of Trustees election, and Church Policies.

Joining Unity of Fredericksburg

Membership Requirements

  • Desire to be of Sacred Service to Unity of Fredericksburg
  • Attend a 2 hour  Unity Basics class covering Unity history, prosperity and what it means to be a committed and responsible voting member.
  • Approval from the Board of Trustees

Members to Unity not just Unity of Fredericksburg have been led by the Spirit of Truth within to make Unity their home. In doing so it is an answer to the call from deep within their hearts to make a deeper commitment to grow spiritually and to serve the congregation at a deeper level by committing their time, effort and energies in the Unity approach to life. Unity is more than a set of principles expressed on Sunday morning, Unity is a way of living life each moment of every day. Through this deeper commitment and sharing of consciousness in membership, each person becomes a channel in which others are blessed in their lives.

Unity makes no claim that this is the only path to follow, many who attend Unity often blend and weave aspects of other traditions into what is uniquely their own. The most important requirement for membership in Unity is the desire to know God and the desire to understand, love and follow God’s laws of being. Each member is free to live his or her life according to the inspiration of the spirit of Truth within. Members are asked to do their best at living Truth principles and teachings on a daily basis. The objective of Unity affiliation is to assist people in living authentic, effective, spirit-centered lives.

Unity recognizes Jesus Christ as the ultimate way shower or spiritual teacher of the true spiritual life. It is through his teachings and the example of his life he provided us with the insights necessary for an understanding of our own spiritual selves. Through this understanding, life is enhanced, enriched and expanded.

We as individual students of Truth unite in Spirit, drawn into cooperation and friendship through invisible bonds of love and mutual interest in the gospel of Truth that Jesus taught, lived, and proved we strengthen one another and work together in His name.