Drum Circle with Rocco

Drum Circle

with Rocco Tenaglia

Friday, June 14th 7pm


Drumming is the language of the soul! 

Bring all your hoop drums, djembes, maracas and noisemakers. Enjoy the wonderful energy conversation we’ll share while learning some of the tribal rhythms of West Africa. These rhythms are based on the 5 Element Drumming system, created by Toby Christensen, which has been developed through years of study with tribal leaders and elders from the Dagara tribe of West Africa. The 5 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature that comprise this age old system, have been distilled from the challenging polyrhythms of traditional African drumming. The 5 elements help enhance motivation, increase clarity, bring balance, find peace and help transform your life.

You will also have the option of a mini attunement in the middle of the drum circle surrounded by your fellow participants sending energy to you as they play their drums.

$25 Suggested Love Offering

Rocco is a Shamanic Drummer who does an amazing heart centered healing drumming ceremony. Rocco has studied with Toby Christensen and has been in the sound, vibration, intuitive, spiritual healing world for many years. Rocco lives and works in Leesburg but has joyfully accepted our invitation to share his skills with us at Unity of Fredericksburg. Rocco doesn't yet have a website, but here is Toby's so you can see more about Rocco's style of work www.healingdrummer.com.

Rocco is also offering private sessions. Please call (540 654-5305) or email (info@uofva.org) the office to schedule a time.


Event Date: 
Friday, June 14, 2019 - 7:00pm