Sunday Celebration Service with Sabine Kvenberg

"The Lost Mode of Prayer

Message & Music with Sabine Kvenberg



What would you say if you could have access to a Prayer Formula that could transform your life? Would you want to hear about it? I believe most people would answer yes.


Lucky for us that in 1946 a couple of sheep herders by accident discovered ancient texts that were lost for over 1700 years. The text I refer to are the Dead Sea scrolls. They were compiled by a group of scholars known as the ancient Essenes who left us clues and instructions on how to connect with the field of unlimited potential, abundance, wisdom and peace.


Why it is so important to know about and apply the lost mode of prayers today? 


We see unrest, violence and feel the sense of separation all over the world. The ancient Essenes say that the world around us is a mirror of the beliefs that we harbor from within. They also give us exact instructions on how we personally and collectively can make the shift to a more peaceful state.


Over the past few months I have been researching the Dead Sea Scrolls and started applying those findings into my own life. To say the least I was amazed by what has happened. I will be sharing the findings of the lost mode of prayer with you this Sunday and you will learn how you can apply it in your life now.


Event Date: 
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 10:00am