Spring Wellness Weekend

Unity of Fredericksburg

Spiritual & Holistic Center

Spring Wellness Weekend 2019

Tools & Tips to Live your Best Life!

All events are offered free of charge in gratitude for your presence, though love offerings are gratefully accepted. 

Saturday, May 18th

1:00 pm- Mindfulness: Living Heartfully Living mindfully can be an incredibly beneficial practice in dealing with stress and anxiety, and for living a more peace filled life. Lynda Allen, drawing from the practice of living mindfully and through deep listening in her own meditation practice, has a slightly different approach to mindfulness with a focus on the heart that she calls living heartfully. It is a practice of being present with the heart, and listening to and being guided by the wisdom found there. Join us and learn techniques and exercises to make Mindfulness and Heartfulness a regular part of your life.

2:00 pm- Energy Psychology Join Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Licensed Practitioner Christina Ferber and learn how to use techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other energy exercises to release blocks and bring in more positive feelings and emotions to live a more balanced life.

3:00 pm- Natural Approaches for Improving Mood Dr. Brian Keenan will teach us about a variety of natural approaches to improving mood and boosting energy. Tips will include mindfulness practices, gut health ideas, and some supplements and herbs known for helping support a healthy mood. Brian Keenan is a naturopathic doctor working in Fredericksburg. He specializes in the use of herbal medicines to influence and support health and encourages the body to heal itself through combining traditional remedies with the latest scientific research. Find more information, check out www.magnolianaturalmedicine.com 

4:00 pm- Essential Oils for Spring Health Mental Health Professional and Holistic Health Coach Amy Jones is on a mission to improve health and wellness within our local community. Learn about toxic-free living and overall wellness with the use of essential oils, and learn about Bioaccumulation, “the gradual accumulation of substances, such as pesticides, or other chemicals in an organism.” Amy will show us how we can greatly reduce our exposure to the most common sources of toxins WITHOUT having to change our normal living habits.

Sunday, May 19th

1:00- 3:00 pm- Herbal Medicine: Medicinal Weeds Therese Reiff will explore the use of” Medicinal Weeds" in this extremely informative workshop focused on the medicinal properties of weeds in your own backyard!  You will learn about the nourishing and medicinal properties of Chickweed, Cleavers, Dandelion and Plantain.  We will discuss ways to incorporate them into our diets and what medicinal remedies we can make from them including oils, vinegars, and tinctures. You will see through demonstration how easy it is to incorporate these amazing plants into your life! Please bring a notebook to keep track of all this invaluable information. 


Event Date: 
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 1:00pm