Sacred Service Teams

Unity of Fredericksburg has several teams that are a vital part of its spiritual community, all team and committee members volunteer; offering sacred service as a part of their demonstration of prosperity. Feel free to contact a Board of Trustees (BOT) Liaison if you are called by Spirit to offer sacred service as a team or committee member.

Worship Service Team

Board Liaison: Christina Ferber 
Leader: Pamela Mann

The Worship Service Team coordinates all aspects of our Sunday Celebration Service.  This team coordinates schedules for Guest Minsters and Speakers, Guest Musicians, Congregational Leaders and Adult Education Workshops.  The Worship Service Team provides training and guidance to the Congregational Leaders and the Ushers.  The Sunday Celebration Service Team also selects the theme for each quarter and changing the altar once a quarter.   Team meets quarterly and as needed in between quarterly meetings.

Team Vision: A weekly service that inspires the listener to realize and give expression to their divine nature.  This team is committed to a weekly service that rocks!

Space and Facilities Team

Board Liaison: David Simms

The Space and Facilities Team is responsible for ensuring the saftey of our physical space as well as ensuring that maintenance issues are addressed and resolved. This committee is responsible for creating an inviting and welcoming environment in our space so that when our Spiritual Community enters into our building, it offers a visual reflection of living our Unity principles and who we are as a community.

Team Vision: To create a space that is orderly and prosperous where the leaders of our community can fulfill their missions.

Youth and Family Ministries

Board Liaison: Toni Crowder

The Youth Education Team coordinates and facilitates Sunday School during the Sunday Celebration Service and all Youth Education Activities.  There are 4 youth programs: Unitots, Unikids, Uniteens and Y.O.U.

Team Vision: We love and empower each and every youth in our ministry in discovering and following their own inner divinity.


Board Liaison: Kay Kramer  
Leader: Cris Simms

This Committee facilitates Fellowship, which is our time to meet socially after the service on Sunday morning.  Members of this committee serve on a rotating basis once a month.  Responsibilities include set - up and clean - up of coffee, drink and food tables.  Members of the Spiritual Community are encouraged to bring food items to share on a rotating schedule based on the beginning letter of their last name.

Team Vision: The Fellowship Team will lovingly serve to build our Unity Community by facilitating in sharing of food and conversation in a clean, loving space. We will operate in a blessed space with a commercial kitchen and abundant fellowship space.

Thurman Brisben

Board Liaison: Debbie Carroll
Leader: Patty Beckman & Bonnie Oakes

The Thurman Brisben Team coordinates community service, in which members of our Spiritual Community cook and serve dinner at the Thurman Brisben Center every other month.

Team Vision: As we bring forth nutritious meals to the homeless in the years to come, we foresee offering more vegetarian and gluten free meals.

Book Store

Board Liaison: Gloria Holder
Leader: Doris Prado Dowell

Unity of Fredericksburg has a small book store which offers books for sale by local authors within our Spiritual Community as well as books that are referenced during Sunday Talks and Spiritual Enrichment Elective Classes (SEE).  Our bookstore also offers a variety of metaphysical items that enhance Spiritual Practices within our Spiritual Community.

Team Vision: A bright inviting location bustling with business, selling new books, CD's, and gifts for the members of our community.

Music Team

Board Liaison: Toni Crowder
Leader: Chris Abeel

The music team is responsible for providing and facilitating music, audio and audiovisual services for our weekly Sunday Celebration Service and other special events.

Team Vision: The music team at Unity of Fredericksburg projects and augments the message of Unity to the world.  We believe music is truly the door to the soul.


Board Liaison: Christina Ferber
Leader: Rita Marie Ferguson

Ushers assist in the facilitation of our Sunday Celebration Service by Welcoming and Greeting service participants, distributing  bulletins, assisting service participants in locating seats and name tags,  and the collection of Tithes and Love Offerings.

Team Vision: The ushers are the face of Unity, we welcome and greet all people in a loving, welcoming, and joyful manner.  We are the guides to information about Unity.  Our passion is meeting people.

Pastoral Connections

Board Liaison: Kay Kramer  
Leader: Mary Johnson, LUT

Team Vision: Our pastoral care service celebrates, connects, and compassionately comforts the members of the Unity of Fredericksburg community.

Spirit Groups

Board Liaison: Christina Ferber
Leader: Andrea Giehl

Team Vision: Multiple warm, welcoming and energetic Spirit Groups that are an extension of the vision and mission of Unity of Fredericksburg. Multiple groups so that everyone who attends Unity of Fredericksburg has access to a group that fits their schedule, interests, and needs.