Sunday Lesson

Do You Hear What I Hear with Reverend Christine 12.09.18
"Senses of the Heart" with Reverend Tom Capshew
The New Earth Matrix and the Zero Point of Oneness" with Carol Fitzpatrick
Awakening to the Angelic Realm with Reverend Geraldine Amaral 11.18.18
"Being - iDoing ~ Dreaming ~ Loving" with Reverend Christine Capshew 11.11.18
Celebrating Differences Tom Capshaw 11.4.18
The Welcome Prayer: Loving Whatever Arisesw- Reverend Geraldine Amara 10.28.18
Changing Again Message and Music with Donna Marie Cary 10.21.18
Love, the Mechanism for Change with Reverend Christine Capshew 10.14.18
"Large and In Charge" with Reverend Tom Capshew 10.7.10